Kitchen open 09:00 - 16:00


Roasted chorizo, fried eggs, parsley & migas with sourdough   (B.D)   7.5      available for Let's Cook

+ Avocado   2  //  Bacon   1.6

Smoked Norweigan salmon, poached eggs on an english muffin, beetroot hummus, marinated red onion & lambs lettuce   (B.D.E)   9      available for Let's Cook

+ Avocado   2 

Avocado on white sourdough toast with black and white sesame seeds, provençal tomato, lime & rocket   (B.L)   5.95      available for Let's Cook


Avocado on white sourdough toast with feta and mint, lemon & lambs lettuce   (B)   6.5      available for Let's Cook

+ poached egg   1.3  //  extra avo on toast   3  //  Bacon   1.6  

Grilled cheese, toasted sandwich with cooked ham, manchego cheese and bechamel   (B.G)   6

+ Black truffle   1.5 // roasted potatoes   2.5 


Organic natural sourdough 


White sourdough   (B)   1.5

Wholemeal with seeds   (B)   1.75

100% Spelt sourdough  (B)   2

Gluten free   3

(with extra virgen olive oil, grated tomato or butter &  jam - strawberry or peach)


+ Manchego cheese (G), cooked ham or Serrano ham  1



Granola - Oats, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, greek yogurt & organic honey   (B.J)   4

+ spiced fruit compote   1.2

Açai - Super smoothie with fresh fruit, mint, coconut & granola   (B)   6.5 


Canadian pancakes with maple syrup   (D.G)   5.75

Canadian pancakes with spiced fruit compote & creme fraiche   (D.G)   6.95

+ Bacon   1.6  //  extra maple syrup   .5  //  Nutella   1

"French Toast" with spiced fruit compote, organic honey & creme fraiche with pistachio   (B.D.G)   6        

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