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Sip and wonder Coffee House - The team 


We work hard to get the finest of details just right, but you don't go to all that effort and not take the same approach when building your team. We strongly believe that no matter how nice the decor is, how good the products are or what events you have going on, the true essence of a business comes directly from its people. This is why Sip and Wonder management have taken the 'Meraki' approach here too. All our staff are true professionals and experts in their fields. We have highly qualified kitchen staff creating amazing tasting foods with the finest instagram presentation you can find in Alicante. Our Baristas know a thing or two about coffee and take the same approach to presentation and quality as the head chef does. Our management team fully support our staff in creating new products, full support in ongoing training and we are extremely proud to have such wonderful people on our side.


Introducing ....



I am the top dog here at Sip and Wonder. My responsibilities include cuddles, kisses and showing you my rope. I keep a small selection of bones that I don't mind sharing with the other puppies that visit us. I am the most photographed staff member and I will pose for your photo to make you look cool on your social media. 

I do not bite and my owners have spent a lot of time training me to be a good boy. I am social especially with other dogs, I do not bark often and I ring the bell on the door to ask to go outside for toilet breaks. In my spare time I tend to sleep or go for walks in the countryside. 

I am a bit of a legend



I am a Michelin trained chef with over 15 years work experience in some of the most prestigious restaurants in London and around the world. These include Chez Bruce, Terre à Terre, Catalina Rose Bay and Nou Manolin to name just a few.

As well as being a passionate chef who loves working with fresh seasonal produce and creating incredible tasting dishes, I love teaching cookery too.                                               


At Sip and Wonder, I focus on creating daily specials based on what is best at the market that day. I look to my international experiences to create something a little bit different in Alicante.



I was born in Madrid, but Alicante has my heart. I fell in love with coffee two years ago and have been learning and developing my abilities as a barista ever since. I was working in Valencia as a barista but the focus was mainly on the espresso machine and not so much at the brew bar. At Sip and Wonder I have the chance to focus on the filter coffee side of the business. 

I plan to take as much training as possible and develop as a barista into professional level specialty coffee. When I am fully qualified I will help set up the teaching side of the business and I imagine Sip and Wonder will start offering specialty coffee courses pretty soon.

Coffee is life.


Daisy and Myela

I am one of the owners and I just LOVE coffee. The best moment of every day is waking up to a good cup of the stuff. I have always had an interest in the hospitality industry and always expected that one day I would somehow be involved in the food and drink industry. Realising that my dreams have come true is just unbelievable. I can see great things for Sip and Wonder and I am extremely proud to be a part of such an amazing team of people. 


With me you will find the latest member of our team, Myela. She is our head babyccino maker and is responsible for saying "Hola" to every customer that arrives. 



I am also one of the owners at Sip and Wonder. I was a tea drinker for most of my life until I met Daisy. After working in the scuba diving industry for 7 years I fancied a change. I asked Daisy what she wanted to do and she said.... Coffee!! Actually she said she would like to own a little coffee shop. I said ok... but it has to be a large coffee house... lets think BIG. Now I spend my days loving every moment I spend here, learning, evolving, contributing and organising all our ideas into reality.  If I had to give thanks I would dedicate all my gratitude to every single member of staff for what they bring individually and as part of the team as a whole.

seriously guys.... thanks