When the greatest of care is taken in every step of the process from farm to cup.

When coffee is grown with love, picked and processed with love, delivered and roasted with love and finally brewed by true professional baristas who, even in the final stage will prepare your coffee..... with love. This.... this is what specialty coffee is and the taste is simply wonderful. 

But coffee is just coffee right?


Well yes... and no... coffee is variety. You may not know this but depending on where the coffee is grown, how high up the mountain, how it is processed, its roasting profile and what the barista does with it will depend on the final outcome. It is difficult to get a bad coffee but we do not take that chance. We only work with the best and our supplier D'Origen coffee roasters in Albir, source coffee world wide and roast it locally.

This means the coffee in your cup is the freshest it can be. 

Some of the most famous origins of coffee production are places such as Brazil, Columbia and Ethiopia but you can also try coffees from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru and Tanzania. D'Origen even have their own farm located on Volcan Baru in Panama and produce their own coffee called Black Mountain.

Great to see our coffee suppliers supporting small farming families. 

Methods of extraction








Sip and Wonder offer a variety of specialty single origin beans for filtered coffee and we would love to tell you more about it. Come and speak to us if you are interested in ways to try different varieties, whether that be at home or in our coffee house and you can also take part in our coffee classes and learn how to make specialty coffee yourself. You can even buy one of our coffee class vouchers as a gift for that coffee lover friend in your life.